NRA Environmental Consultants

Terry Reis


Terry joined NRA in late 2010, bringing with him more than 30 years of knowledge and field experience from a range of environments throughout Australia. Terry also has extensive experience in impact assessment, environmental planning and regulation, specialist ecological studies, management plans and project management and design.

Terry has left full time employment at NRA to pursue his interest in wildlife. However, Terry will still provide his expertise to NRA as an Associate.

Terry’s expert knowledge of the taxonomy, distribution, habitat requirements and behaviour of terrestrial vertebrate fauna, and his extensive experience with a wide variety of methods for recording the presence and abundance of vertebrates and invertebrates complements NRA’s existing skill set.

Terry is a specialist in habitat assessment of terrestrial vertebrates, with particular emphasis on significant species. He is a member of the Records Appraisal Committee of Birds Queensland (Queensland Ornithological Society) assessing rare bird sightings in Queensland.