NRA Environmental Consultants

Auditing and Compliance Assessment

Audits at North Queensland Defence Sites

NRA undertook weed audits and implemented fire and weed management for Defence sites in north Queensland. The weed and fire control audits identified and described the extent and distribution of weeds at Defence sites. These audits:

  • Assessed weed assemblage, distribution and density
  • Identified weed risks to Defence use, landscape sustainability and ecology
  • Identified priority weeds for treatment
  • Identified priority locations for weed control works
  • Prioritised control recommendations using the Defence risk assessment tool
  • Assessed the need for further control, auditing or monitoring
  • Provided recommendations regarding future actions to improve weed management.

Ernest Henry Mine and Mount Margaret Mine Audits

NRA has undertaken 3rd Party Audits for the Ernest Henry Mine and Mount Margaret Mine against licence conditions, as a requirement of statutory conditions, and conducted detailed reviews of rehabilitation and associated financial assurance.