NRA Environmental Consultants

Environmental Chemistry

Sediment Quality Monitoring

NRA provided advice on the use of an improved sediment quality monitoring approach for aquatic ecosystem monitoring at Lady Loretta Mine. NRA tested the improved approach parallel with the existing approach during the Wet Season Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring Survey. This approach has been used to improve compliance reporting and potential impact assessment for the mine’s receiving environment.

Control Charts

NRA has developed the use of control charts for groundwater quality monitoring and compliance assessment. Control charts provide a method for reliable and relevant groundwater quality compliance assessment that is based on an intra-bore comparison. This is major advantage for mine sites that have complex geology where the traditional approach of comparing data from reference and compliance bores is inappropriate.

MEDLI – Model for Effluent Disposal using Land Irrigation

This model is used to assess the viability of, and potential impacts associated with, effluent irrigation.

NRA reviewed the effluent irrigation environmental (soil and water) monitoring program for a large mining operation in north-west Queensland. NRA’s skills and experience in soil science were used to provide advice on monitoring suitable for addressing regulatory requirements and for providing data to allow the client to assess the sustainability of the application of treated effluent to land used for sport and recreation purposes.