NRA Environmental Consultants

Land Rehabilitation and Revegetation

Rehabilitation – QCoal Group

NRA has been involved in the preparation of Rehabilitation and Post Mine Land Use Plans for coal operations in central Queensland. This has included setting rehabilitation objectives and completion criteria in accordance with State guidelines. NRA has conducted annual rehabilitation monitoring at Sonoma Coal Mine since 2012 to gauge rehabilitation performance against the objectives and completion criteria documented in the Rehabilitation Plan.

Rehabilitation – Glencore

NRA presented a staged, integrated approach to rehabilitation management and environmental monitoring at Ernest Henry Mine (EHM) and Mount Margaret Mine (MMM) operations (the Optimisation Plan). The Optimisation Plan involved the development of robust rehabilitation targets documented in the EHM and MMM Post Mine Land Use Plans. Since 2014, NRA has conducted annual monitoring to gauge rehabilitation performance against these targets, demonstrating that:

  • Some disturbance areas at EHM have been successfully rehabilitated to the required standard
  • Vegetation communities are self-sustaining and resilient to environmental stress
  • Other performance measures are progressing along a desired trajectory.