NRA Environmental Consultants

Planning and Approvals

Kur-World Integrated Eco Resort

The KUR-World Project is an ‘Integrated Eco-Resort’ and innovation hub proposed on a 626 ha site near Myola in the Mareeba Shire. NRA was engaged to prepare technical documents concerning ‘Flora, Fauna and Biosecurity’, ‘Water Quality (Surface and Groundwater)’ and ‘Soils and Landforms’. Subsequently, the scope of works expanded to include the coordination of environmental studies for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Auctus Resources Pty Ltd – Environmental Approvals

NRA performs specialist environmental services to assist our client to satisfy its obligations under various environmental regulations applying to its mining and exploration activities in Queensland. These services include:

  • Advice concerning environmental management and compliance with State and Federal environmental requirements
  • Preparation of environmental documentation including reports and external statutory documentation
  • Monitoring and assessment of environmental values and impacts
  • Environmental Auditing and Investigation
  • Environmental Project Management.

Queensland Government – Environmental Approvals

NRA is on the Department of Transport and Main Roads panel of preferred providers and Engineering Consultant Scheme. Through these panels NRA routinely conducts Environmental Impact Assessments and assists with the preparation of permitting and approval documents. These projects typically involve:

  • Environmental Scoping Reports
  • Review of Environmental Factors (REF)
  • Road Corridor Environmental Assessments
  • Assistance with approval and permit applications
  • Environmental auditing and project management
  • Preparation of specific management documents (eg Environmental Management Plans, Erosion and Sediment Control Plans, Rehabilitation Plans)
  • Specialised studies (eg threatened and migratory species, acid sulfate soils).