NRA Environmental Consultants

Environmental Chemistry

NRA leads detailed geochemical investigations into acid mine drainage issues including the geochemical characterisation of waste rock, other waste materials and seepage. NRA staff are familiar with the internationally accepted testing standards documented in the GARD Guide, and we work with colleagues who are technical specialists in this field. NRA provides waste rock and seepage management advice including treatment, handling and placement.

Services provided

  • Waste rock and tailings characterisation
  • Acid mine drainage assessment and management
  • Neutral and saline mine drainage assessment and management
  • MEDLI modelling
  • Seepage characterisation and fingerprinting
  • Geochemical speciation modelling
  • Application of Control Charts to groundwater monitoring
  • Environmental incident investigations
  • Acid sulfate soils assessment and management
  • Soil chemical limitations to rehabilitation (metal bioavailability, sodicity or salinity)
  • Soil, sediment and water chemistry