NRA Environmental Consultants

Angelina Bouet

MSc, BSc

Environmental Scientist

Angelina completed a Bachelor of Science (Earth Science and Zoology and Ecology) in 2021 and a Master of Science (Tropical Biology and Conservation) in 2022. Since joining NRA, Angelina has worked on a variety of projects for government and non-government clients, including in the mining and resources sector, and has gained skills in GIS spatial analysis, data collection, and statistical analysis. She routinely conducts surface water quality monitoring, and holds AUSRIVAS accreditation for aquatic ecosystem assessments and macroinvertebrate identification. She also holds a qualification in venomous snake handling. Angelina has experience:

  • undertaking monitoring for receiving environment monitoring programs (REMPs)
  • providing high quality GIS data and maps for client reports
  • undertaking surface water quality monitoring and macroinvertebrate sampling
  • collating, validating and interpreting water quality data
  • preparing technical reports.

Through her professional, academic and volunteer work, Angelina has undertaken a variety of field work, such as:

  • ecology: funnel traps, pitfall traps, mist-netting, spotlighting, light sheet sampling for invertebrates, flying-fox monitoring, aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling and identification
  • earth: soil sampling, dust monitoring
  • botany: measuring plant abundance, collecting plant specimens, completing vegetation community profiles, collecting seagrass samples, monitoring seagrass restoration using a drone
  • water: surface water, groundwater and stream sediment sampling.