NRA Environmental Consultants

Angelina Bouet


Graduate Environmental Scientist

Angelina completed her Bachelor of Science majoring in Earth Science and Zoology and Ecology, with Distinction, in 2021, and she is currently studying a Master of Science majoring in Tropical Biology and Conservation. Through her academic experience, Angelina has gained skills in GIS spatial analysis, data collection, statistical analysis using R programming and report writing. She has developed excellent project management, organisational and problem-solving skills from assisting with and undertaking a variety of research projects with topics such as:

  • aggression among birds
  • the effect of spectral composition on moth abundance
  • and rainforest restoration
  • assessing transplantation techniques for seagrass restoration at Mourilyan Harbour.

Angelina also has experience in field work gained as part of her tertiary studies, science student internship, and volunteering work; this includes:

  • collecting soil samples
  • setting Elliot traps, cage traps, funnel traps and pitfall traps
  • measuring plant abundance and collecting plant specimens
  • completing vegetation community profiles
  • light sheet sampling for invertebrates
  • mist-netting
  • spotlighting
  • collecting seagrass samples and preparing seagrass tethers
  • monitoring seagrass restoration outcomes using a drone.

She has volunteered to assist a variety of research projects, including research on seagrass herbivory on Green Island, monitoring populations of Northern Bettongs at Davies Creek, and plant physiology in the Daintree.