NRA Environmental Consultants

Dr John Broughton

PhD, BSc(Hons)

Senior Environmental Earth Scientist

John has over 20 years’ experience in the fields of earth sciences, environmental geochemistry, data management and environmental regulation. For his PhD, John examined the geochemical changes that occur during the remediation of actual acid sulfate soils. This provided him with a detailed understanding of the geochemical and environmental issues associated with acid sulfate soil disturbance and rehabilitation.

John has conducted detailed geochemical investigations into surface water, groundwater, sediment and waste rock (acid mine drainage) issues, and he typically applies his expertise in geochemistry and analytical methods to geological environmental issues. John also conducts geological and soil surveys and has previously worked as an environment and public health manager and regulated and managed environmentally relevant activities.

John has considerable experience in the geochemical analysis of a range of sample types, including water, rock, soil, chemical precipitate, sediment and vegetation. He is also experienced in the application of a range of laboratory and analytical methods eg ICP spectroscopy, XRD, XRF, partial digests, and sequential extraction procedures, and he has investigated the bioavailability of elements in soils and element accumulation by plants.

John has been extensively involved in the development of improved groundwater quality assessment and monitoring. This includes the use of major ion profiles for water ‘fingerprinting’ and control charts (and derivative approaches) for groundwater quality assessment and monitoring.

Another area of John’s core expertise is data management and analysis; he routinely manages the collection, generation, storage and analysis of environmental monitoring data. This also includes automating procedures, implementing quality control/assurance measures, validating collected and/or laboratory-reported data, constructing data storage structures, and analysing data for a range of purposes. He was recently involved in the development of a software application for the management and analysis of environmental quality data.