NRA Environmental Consultants

Kate Pearse

MSc, BSc

GIS Officer / Environmental Scientist

Kate completed a Bachelor of Science (Geology) and a Master of Science (Environmental Earth Science). Here she conducted quantitative and qualitative research into stream methane monitoring techniques and gas transfer models associated with developing underground coal gasification reconnaissance tools. Kate was awarded an Academic Medal for her achievements.

Kate’s primary role at NRA is to provide high quality GIS data and maps for client reports and for use in the field. She has well-developed skills in data management, data capture and manipulation, image rectification, mapping of flora, fauna and soil information, habitat suitability, land suitability and surface analysis. This is enhanced by her training in the advanced use of some of the most recent mapping software.   

Through Kate’s academic and professional experience, she has obtained a broad range of skills and practical experience, including soil sampling, trenching and soil profile mapping, 3D resource model development, geological and vegetation mapping, dust sampling, water sampling, groundwater drilling and flow analysis, subterranean fauna collection, and GIS spatial analysis. Since joining NRA, Kate has been involved in fauna surveys, water quality and aquatic ecology surveys and assessment, aquatic macroinvertebrate identification, ERC development, and environmental approvals.

Prior to joining NRA, Kate worked as a Business Development Strategist in the Green Economy sector in Indonesia and as an Exploration Geologist on a base metals sediment hosted Cu-Co (Pb-Zn-Ag) deposit in north-west Queensland. Kate assisted with the development of an early stage exploration project through to prefeasibility study; this included design, planning and execution of drill programs, resource estimation, baseline environmental surveys and geotechnical analysis for mine design.