NRA Environmental Consultants

Mistral Kendall-Hawk


Environmental Scientist

Mistral obtained her Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management from Charles Sturt University. After graduation, Mistral worked as an environmental field assistant for an exploration company where she was instrumental in the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement for a new mining project. In this position, she conducted field sampling and monitoring of stream flow, environmental quality assessments (soil, water, air), vegetation and rehabilitation, stakeholder engagement and entered environmental and geological data into appropriate databases. Mistral has worked in the aquaculture industry and gained experience in water quality monitoring and control, aquatic disease management, data recording, quality control and environmental grant applications.

Since joining NRA, Mistral has been involved in water quality and aquatic ecology projects including receiving environment monitoring program (REMP) surveys and annual reporting, aquatic macroinvertebrate identification, compliance reporting, dust monitoring and environmental management projects largely in the mining sector. Mistral has managed and completed several significant REMP and water quality projects for Australian Pacific LNG, Glencore (Mount Isa Mine and Ernest Henry Mine) and the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Mistral holds Queensland accreditation in the Australian River Assessment System (AUSRIVAS) for aquatic ecosystem assessments.