NRA Environmental Consultants

Peter Buosi


Principal Ecologist

Peter has over 25 years’ experience in research and applied science. Since joining NRA in 1998, Peter has provided his services to a variety of government departments and non-government organisations, including resource and civil development clients. Although Peter has experience in a range of science disciplines, his specific area of expertise is in the design, management and conduct of ecological studies, and he has extensive experience in terrestrial and inter-tidal ecosystems of northern Australia.

Peter is a recognised threatened species ecologist and, in addition to his work with development clients, his advice is regularly sought to inform regional conservation planning (eg expert panels for Natural Resource Management planning), species conservation reviews (eg Action Plan for Australian Birds), species conservation and recovery planning (eg Black-throated Finch) and expert review/witness services (all levels of Government and private entities). Much of his threatened species assessment work has required analysis of results within a legislative context and includes national reviews of two Endangered species (Cassowary and Black-throated Finch) to assist the regulator in the administration of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Prior to joining NRA, Peter worked as a researcher at James Cook University on dugong research projects in northern Queensland and in recent years has supervised graduate and post-graduate student research projects (Black-throated Finch). Peter has also worked collaboratively on threatened species projects with Queensland and Western Australian government departments.