NRA Environmental Consultants

Wise Lum


Graduate Ecologist

Wise completed his Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree at James Cook University in 2016, majoring in Zoology and Ecology. Wise was enrolled in the BSc (Advanced) program, which recognises high achievers. Since joining NRA, Wise has conducted targeted fauna and flora surveys in the Dry and Wet Tropics of Queensland. These surveys included Cassowary monitoring in the Wet Tropics as well as threatened species surveys near Townsville and the Fanning River regions targeting species such as Northern Quolls, Greater Gliders and threatened microbat species. He has also spent time identifying macroinvertebrates for water quality monitoring.

Prior to joining NRA, Wise worked as a Field Officer for Biosecurity Queensland in the Four Tropical Weeds Program and the National Electric Ant Eradication Program. He has also assisted numerous university fauna research projects in both paid and voluntary capacities, including habitat assessment and fauna trapping projects. Wise is an avid wildlife photographer, and through this endeavour has developed research and field skills for finding cryptic and uncommon species.