NRA Environmental Consultants

Policy and Mission Statement

Directors Philosophy

The focus of our business is to establish NRA as a professional and progressive environmental consultancy team, resulting in a sustainable and successful company. It is our policy to meet this commitment through the fulfillment of Company Goals.

Company Policy and Goals

Professional Development

  • To provide environmental assessment, planning, training, information technology and management services at policy, strategic and operational levels within the mining, corporate, industrial and government sectors.
  • To assist clients in developing long term environmental management. Working closely with clients to identify needs, recognise problems, implement solutions and provide an effective follow up service a long the way.
  • To be instrumental in raising environmental awareness and as a result, maintain the respect of industry and the community.

Quality Management

  • To commit to the use and continual improvement of our quality management system so that we enhance all aspects of the business.
  • To achieve excellence in the delivery of environmental services by the use of highly skilled professionals.
  • To respect and value clients' needs and concerns.
  • To provide clients with a personal service with the capability to listen and clearly define clients' needs.
  • To analyse and monitor so that services to clients are continually improved, problems are minimised and resolved in a timely manner.

Human Resources

  • To create a synergistic team culture by having a shared vision for the company.
  • To provide a structure to assist the team to attain personal goals in conjunction with company goals.
  • To obtain the most efficient performance from team members by recognising individual needs, desired lifestyles and personal objectives.
  • To be a people based organisation which recognises that our strength and prosperity is obtained through the team. To encourage the development of different skills and support the team to enjoy their work and feel that they can achieve useful outcomes by working together.
  • To empower the staff of NRA with the confidence and direction to take on management functions and preserve and build on the company strengths.
  • To provide a productive work environment by promoting a team spirit and a concern for the well being and fair treatment of others through peer review and support.
  • To build an interdependent team of specialists.


  • To stand apart from the industry as a company that is recognised for our excellence of service, professionalism, specialist skills, ethics, and possessing a company culture that promotes team involvement and personal growth.
  • To market NRA services clearly with emphasis on our unique selling points.
  • To be known as a company that respects clients’ needs and works with clients to achieve the optimum environmental solution.


  • To provide a return on stakeholders investment.
  • To provide certainty to all stakeholders.


  • To assist less advantaged communities
  • To raise environmental awareness in the community.
  • Reduce waste production and energy consumption. Recycle and minimise use of resources associated with NRA’s activities.
  • Adhere to the principle that we have a general environmental duty of care to avoid environmental harm unless all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimize harm have been taken.

Health & Safety

  • To provide an occupational environment that promotes employees health, safety and well-being whilst at work.
  • To protect staff from any health hazard which may arise out of their work or the conditions in which it is carried out.
  • To ensure comprehensive rehabilitation and return to work strategies are available to staff.
  • Nil OH&S Incidents

The Directors of NRA seek to develop and maintain a viable business that ultimately can demonstrate that a positive environmental change has occurred through the efforts of the business. NRA seeks to do this by providing the highest standards of service to clients and simultaneously providing a high level of certainty to staff. NRA recognises that in today’s competitive environment certainty can only be provided when a sensible balance is maintained between income generation and staff and client needs. NRA Directors seek to find and maintain this balance to the benefit of all. In part, and in keeping with our goals, we seek to do this by providing the highest standards of service to clients.