NRA Environmental Consultants


NRA pioneered the use of aquatic ecosystem monitoring for the minerals sector in Queensland. We have continued investment in this field with the development of services such as ecotoxicology.

Our team has extensive experience in deriving site-specific regional and national water quality guideline values using reference chemistry and ecotoxicology data. These guideline values are used alongside published values to interpret water quality, stream sediment and biological data-sets.

Our scientists have been involved in assessing the potential impacts of discharge waters from mining operations on receiving waters.

Services provided

  • Design, implementation and interpretation of ecotoxicology studies
  • Derivation and application of water quality guidelines
  • Application of sediment quality guidelines
  • Integration of water quality and biological effects (aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology results)
  • Assessment of bioavailability of contaminants
  • Statutory environmental investigations and evaluations following significant incidents