NRA Environmental Consultants

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

NRA has undertaken Environmental Impact Statements/Assessments/Studies across a variety of terrestrial and marine environs and development types. Our longevity and breadth of technical expertise across environmental disciplines mean that NRA has accumulated knowledge and experience across wet and dry tropic regions (from northern Australia, the Torres Strait and Southeast Asia).

NRA's experience with EIS encompasses knowledge and skills gained from working in sectors such as:

  • resource development (mining, gas)
  • utilities (water, wind, electricity)
  • telecommunications (optic cables, transmission towers)
  • transport infrastructure (road, rail, ports)
  • land development (residential, tourism)

Our scientists regularly work with State and Commonwealth agencies in a consultative capacity on behalf of our clients or directly as technical advisers.

Services provided

  • Negotiation of terms of reference and study scoping
  • Project management and coordination of Environmental Impact Studies
  • Conducting specialist surveys or assessments
  • EPBC Act referrals
  • Assessment of conservation values and significant residual impacts
  • Biodiversity offsets
  • Preparation of management plans
  • In-house technical studies