NRA Environmental Consultants

Land Rehabilitation and Revegetation

NRA's multidisciplinary team of soil, earth and ecological scientists has a wealth of experience and expertise in characterising materials and developing rehabilitation strategies that maximise the likelihood of success.

The reinstatement of pre-disturbance ecosystems, however reasonable the aspiration, is rarely achievable. Viable functioning vegetation communities that provide valuable ecosystem services can be created on disturbed landforms. NRA has developed detailed and innovative policy initiatives and supporting technical specifications relevant to land use, revegetation and rehabilitation, and mitigation of long-term impacts on downstream receiving environments that address real world practicalities of land resource management.

NRA's expertise and practical application were recognised when it was commissioned to prepare the Benchmarking Rehabilitation Standards report (for activities associated with mining, petroleum, quarrying and municipal landfills) for the Queensland Government.

Services provided

  • Pre-disturbance soil resource surveys and materials characterisation
  • Identification and management of revegetation constraints
  • Post Mine Land Use Plans
  • Rehabilitation planning
  • Closure planning
  • Development of realistic completion (success) criteria
  • Rehabilitation monitoring
  • Research and development
  • Rehabilitation manuals and specifications
  • Seed collection and storage advice
  • Nursery and propagation management
  • Species selection
  • Integration of Indigenous knowledge