NRA Environmental Consultants

Soil Survey, Land Suitability and Soil Management

NRA undertakes soil surveys, soil resource assessments and soil quality assessments for a range of purposes including project planning and approvals, environmental investigations, operational monitoring or rehabilitation research and implementation.

Our expert team has a broad range of knowledge and experience assisting clients from the mining and petroleum, infrastructure, property development, agricultural and government (Commonwealth, State and Local) sectors.

Services provided

  • Soil survey, land capability and suitability assessments
  • Soil resource assessment, soil stripping and topsoil management advice
  • Acid sulfate soil assessment and management
  • Soil erosion hazard assessment
  • Erosion and sediment control planning and auditing
  • Soil constraints analysis
  • Soil management and amelioration
  • Rehabilitation and revegetation planning
  • Effluent irrigation feasibility, planning, management and monitoring
  • Waste application to land