NRA Environmental Consultants

Sophie van Vliet

Graduate Environmental Scientist

Sophie completed a Bachelor of Science (Zoology), followed by a Master of Science (Tropical Biology and Conservation) with Distinction in 2022. Throughout her studies, Sophie has gained skills in data collection, scientific report writing, statistical analysis and biological field techniques. With a sound understanding in fundamental scientific principles, she was able to specialise in ecology during her final placement at TropEco, James Cook University. Here she developed the practical skills to produce a rehabilitation site. She was involved in all aspects of the creation of the site including planning, coordination, weed control, clearing, planting and ongoing maintenance. This site housed an endangered flora species and was a vital back-up population for genetic diversity. Further, Sophie was able to undertake multiple expedition trips collecting wild threatened flora species, bringing them in for cultivation and propagation. Throughout her studies she has developed skills in organisation, leadership, and teamwork.

Since joining NRA, Sophie has contributed to a wide variety of projects for government and non-government clients. She has experience in:

  • undertaking fauna surveys, utilising keys and local knowledge to identify various classes of fauna.
  • comprehensive field-based flora surveys
  • collecting water quality samples for monitoring, and macroinvertebrate sampling
  • assisting in data analysis of large data sets
  • assisting in the preparation of technical reports.

Throughout her professional, academic and volunteer work, Sophie has undertaken a variety of field work, such as:

  • zoology: funnel traps, Elliot traps, cage traps, pitfall taps, mist-netting, spotlighting, light sheet sampling for invertebrates, aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling and identification
  • botany: measuring plant abundance, collecting herbarium specimens, vegetation community profiles
  • ecology: BioCondition assessments.